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Statusfy: Release v0.4.0

A new version of Statusfy was just released, with Web Push notifications support, performance improvements and a new Interface Translation: Italian.

Statusfy: Release v0.3.0

We just released a new version of Statusfy with new features and performance improvements: Docker support, new commands, three new languages translate the Interface and more.

Introducing you Nuxt Netlify

We created a new module for Nuxt.js that supports the dynamic creation of redirects and header rules for your site in Netlify.

Statusfy: Release v0.2.0

I was just released a new version of Statusfy with new big features that can improve the users/customer experience of your Status Page System: Scheduled Maintenance, Notifications and Sitemap.

Mapset, a new, innovative and dynamic tool

Today, we're happy to Introduce Mapset. A new, innovative and dynamic tool designed for managing screens in different mainframe coding languages. This tool means time savings due to its low execution time.

Improve your Customer Support in Django

Currently, there are very good tools that allow you to integrate a KnowledgeBase on your site, but sometimes you do not need as many features and a simple and powerful solution is more than enough.