Statusfy: Release v0.2.0

Julio Márquez
Julio Márquez @juliomrqz
I was just released a new version of Statusfy with new big features that can improve the users/customer experience of your Status Page System: Scheduled Maintenance, Notifications and Sitemap.
Statusfy: Release v0.2.0

I was just released a new version of Statusfy with new big features that can improve the user experience of your Status Page System: *Scheduled Maintenance*, *Notifications*, and *Sitemap*.

Scheduled Maintenance

Statusfy - Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenances definition is a way to let your users know ahead of time when your system(s) cannot handle requests due to a temporary maintenance update.

We tried to keep the definition of Scheduled Maintenance as simple as possible sharing the same parameters as regular incidents but adding two new parameters: *scheduled* and *duration*.


With the new Notifications feature, you can keep your users notified with any Incidents update your System may have. Viewers of your Status Page can access the Choices bellow by clicking a Subscribe button.

  • Atom and RSS Feed: These feeds include all past Incidents and Scheduled Maintenances. Your users can use Feeds Readers or tools like IFTT and Zapier to receive updates from these feeds.
  • iCalendar: Your users can subscribe to a calendar containing all of your upcoming and past Scheduled Maintenances. The calendar is published using iCalendar, a popular format which is supported by most modern calendar applications.
  • Twitter: Define Twitter accounts that your users can access in order to receive updates.
  • Support Site: Define an external Support Site your users can access in order to receive updates from other sources you may want to provide.

*Most of these Notifications Choices are enabled by default but you can disable them in your config file. More info* *here.*


Now you can notify to the search engine bots the available pages in your Status Page System with a Sitemap. This can help all the pages in your system to be found more easily.

Contribute to Statusfy

Statusfy is a completely open source project, created and maintained by me (Julio Marquez), a Full Stack Developer. It's still a work in progress, so any contribution is very welcome. I'm passionate about building a versatile and a lower cost solution.

You can also support Statusfy by giving a GitHub star ★ , spreading the word or donating 🤓.

Julio Márquez
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