Statusfy: Release v0.4.0

Julio Márquez
Julio Márquez @juliomrqz
A new version of Statusfy was just released, with Web Push notifications support, performance improvements and a new Interface Translation: Italian.
Statusfy: Release v0.4.0

I was just released a new minor version of Statusfy focused on fixing bugs, updating dependencies and improving performance with some new features: Web Push Notifications, Offline Analytics, and Italian translation.

Web Push Notifications

Your users can now subscribe to Web Push notifications from their browsers. These notifications can only be sent to users who have opted-in to receive these notifications.

Currently, this feature is supported by OneSignal, a Free, high volume and reliable push notification service for websites and mobile applications. In the future, we plan to support more providers, If you have one in mind, please suggest it in the Issues Section.

Offline Analytics

The Offline Support and browser caching are provided by Workbox, a Google Javascript library that makes these tasks easy. We updated it to the latest version, which brings better performance and Offline Google Analytics: you can still understanding how users are interacting with your Status Page System even when they don't have connectivity.

Feedback, impressions and suggestions

If your organization is using Statusfy, we welcome you to leave your feedback, impressions, and suggestions in our Issues Section.

Support Satisfy 🙏

One of the main Goals of Statusfy is saving you money. This project is completely open source and it's still a work in progress, so any contribution is very welcome.

If you use Statusfy in your company, consider contributing to the OpenCollective.

Julio Márquez
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