A marvelous Open Source Status Page system

Statusfy is a Status Page System, easy to use and completely Open Source. You can easily create a fast Static Generated System and easily deploy it to a variety of hosting services.

A marvelous Open Source Status Page system


Statusfy is really easy, you just focus on writing your Incidents Reports and let the magic happen.

Markdown Support

Markdown Support

Just write Incidents with Markdown and Statusfy will generate a set of HTML content. All features of GitHub Flavored Markdown are supported.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

Only the critical HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Data are loaded first. So clicking around the site feels incredibly fast without page reloads, even when offline.

Modern Stack

Modern Stack

Enjoy the power of modern web technologies: Vue.js, Webpack and JavaScript. Write CSS Styles with your favorite preprocessors like Sass, Less or Stylus with auto-prefixing.

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

Languages are a key part of who I am. Statusfy was designed with Internationalization in mind, so you can keep updated your users in any language with simplicity and speed.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

Customize your System with any style specification you may need. Use your own logo and easily change the default theme with CSS variables or preprocessors. Statusfy allows you to keep your brand requirements.

Hosting Flexibility

Hosting Flexibility

Statusfy uses the power of blazing-fast Static Site Generation, so you can easily deploy to a variety of hosting services with no expensive server costs.

How to use Statusfy

Write, Preview, Build and Deploy. That's it!.


Write your Incidents in Markdown format with extra attributes.


Preview your site in Development Mode and make sure that changes are right.


Build a blazing-fast Static Generated website.


Deploy to a variety of hosting services with no expensive server costs.


I love Open Source Projects, I use them every day and Statusfy is one of my contribution to the Community, but my resources are limited. If you want to support my work and help me to continue developing this Amazing Project, please donate, I will appreciate it ❤️.

This is how I use the donations
  • Allow the core team to work on Statusfy.
  • Support external projects in the ecosystem.
  • Cover any other expense.
  • Thank contributors if they invested a large amount of time in contributing.


Support me with a monthly donation and help me continue my activities. You can buy me from a coffee ☕️ to a very good hamburger 🍔.


Become a sponsor and get your logo on the README on Github with a link to your site.


Become a Partner and get your logo with a link to your site on the README on Github, every page of the Statusfy Blog Posts and Documentation Articles.

Interested yet?
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Frequently asked questions

How do you configure this project?

If you want extra details of how to configure and use this project, the full documentation is available at https://docs.statusfy.co.

How do you report a bug or request a feature?

For Bug reports or Feature Requests, use the Issues Section at Github.

How do you make a question to the Community?

For questions, you can use the Issues Section at Github.

Where do you find tutorials, tips, and updates?

You can find useful articles in my Blog. I post tutorials, tips, and updates related to Statusfy.

You can also follow me at @juliomrqz, where I post updates and news about Statusfy and other Topics.

Where do you get Professional Assistance?

I provide Professional Support through Email. If you require Professional Assistance on your project(s) or want to ask general questions, email me directly.

Professional Support starts from $100. Non-Profit And Student discounts available.