Development setup

For easier development and debugging purposes continue with the following steps:

  1. Open a command prompt/terminal, navigate to src folder and run npm run demo.ios or npm run to run the demo.
  2. Open another command prompt/terminal, navigate to src folder and run npm run plugin.tscwatch to watch for file changes in the plugin.

Now go and make a change to the plugin. It will be automatically applied to the demo project.


Open demo/app/tests/tests.js and adjust its contents so the tests become meaningful in the context of the plugin and its features.

You can read more about this topic here.

Once you're ready to test the plugin's API go to src folder and execute one of these commands:

npm run test.ios
npm run

Clean plugin and demo files

Sometimes you may need to wipe away the node_modules and demo/platforms folders to reinstall them fresh.

  1. Run npm run clean to wipe those clean then you can can run npm i to install fresh dependencies.

Submitting Pull Requests

Please follow these basic steps to simplify pull request reviews - if you don't you'll probably just be asked to anyway.

  • Please rebase your branch against the current master
  • Make reference to possible issues on PR comment

Submitting bug reports

  • Please detail the affected platform and version
  • Please be sure to state which version of node, npm, and NativeScript you're using