A new way to optimize the images in your Nuxt projects

We created a new module to automatically optimize images used in Nuxt.js projects (JPEG, PNG, SVG, WebP and GIF).

A new way to optimize the images in your Nuxt projects

We are very thrilled to introduce you another module we created for the Nuxt.js ecosystem: Nuxt Optimized Images, a new way to automatically optimize images used in your projects (JPEG, PNG, SVG, WebP and GIF).

You can now easily reduce the size of your images up to 60%, but this is not the only thing that can be done:

  • Reduces image size by optimizing images during build.
  • Improves loading speed by providing progressive images.
  • Inline small images to save HTTP requests and additional roundtrips.
  • Adds a content hash to the file name so images can get cached on CDN level and in the browser for a long time.
  • Same image URLs over multiple builds for long time caching.
  • Provides query params for file-specific handling/settings.
  • JPEG/PNG images can be converted to WebP on the fly for an even smaller size.
  • Can resize images or generate low-quality image placeholders and extract the dominant colors of it.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple, just install the module as follows:

npm install @aceforth/nuxt-optimized-images # or yarn add @aceforth/nuxt-optimized-images

Add @aceforth/nuxt-optimized-images to the modules section of nuxt.config.js:

  modules: [

You can now import or require your images directly in your Vue components:

    <source :srcset="require('my-image.jpg?webp')" type="image/webp" />
    <source :srcset="require('my-image.jpg')" type="image/jpeg" />
    <img :src="require('my-image.jpg')" />

 Results in:

  <source srcset="/_nuxt/images/d6816ecc.webp" type="image/webp" />
  <source srcset="/_nuxt/images/5216de42.jpg" type="image/jpeg" />
  <img src="/_nuxt/images/5216de42.jpg" />

There are several additional options you can specify as query params when you import the images, just follow the documentation for more information.

Contribute to Nuxt Optimized Images

Nuxt Optimized Images is an open source project, any contribution is welcome, even giving us a star on GitHub ★ or spreading the word 🤓.

Documentation & Support

If you want extra details of how to configure and use this module, the full documentation is available at https://marquez.co/docs/nuxt-optimized-images.

For Bug reports or Feature requests, use the Issues section. But, if you have questions, you can also use the Issues section.

You may also want to follow me on Twitter for future updates and valuable topics.

Professional Support

If you require Professional Assistance on your project(s), please contact me.