Julio Marquez

Hi, I'm Julio Marquez. Software Engineer & Coffee lover.

I'm a passionate Full-stack Developer who creates tools that best fit my life's problems and ambitions. I also love to contribute to Open Source.

I don't only measure myself by who I am, but by what I build

I'm very passionate and enthusiastic about using technology to solve my life's problems and ambitions. I create tools that best fit my clients' needs and I often contribute to Open Source.

I don't take things for granted, this is why I'm constantly innovating, learning, and trying new ways to accomplish my goals with both quality and harmony.

  • Passion : I'm lucky enough to do what I love, that keep me motivated to work the hardest and reach my goals.
  • Innovation : I never stop searching for new and better ways to accomplish my mission. I explore, combine and solve.
  • Commitment : I put my heart in my projects. That's why I will be with you in every step you take with my and my team.
  • Quality : I make sure that everything I do, is with the higher standard. Taking care of design and functionality.


  1. Company
    Toptal, LLC
    Software Engineer Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.
  2. Company
    Bazzite, LLC
    Co-Founder/Software Engineer A company focused on developing web tools and providing services in technology.
  3. Company
    Full Stack Developer Professional Full Stack developer with more that 11 years of experience.
  4. Company
    Geochemical Research and Engineering, Inc
    Software Developer An oil and gas, upstream and downstream process simulation group to research, develop, market, and support chemical and geochemical process simulation.
  5. Company
    Satellite Geodesy and Seismotectonics Laboratory, USB
    Research Assistant The main objective of this lab is to Planning, execution, processing and analysis of GPS measurements.
  6. Company
    Simón Bolívar University
    Teaching Assistant Department of Earth SciencesCourses assisted: Gravimetric and Magnetic Methods, Field Geology and Geophysics, Interpretation of Reflection Seismic Data.